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Black Opal Wagyu. Australia's Premier Wagyu Experience.

for those who demand consistency

When you select Black Opal, there are no surprises, and this is exactly why our clients choose it - because they receive Wagyu that lives up to their expectations every time.

It’s our long-term approach to the production of Black Opal Wagyu, which begins with cattle raised on Victoria and Tasmania’s pristine pastures before spending a minimum of 380 days on grain in our dedicated feed lots.

The entire Black Opal process, from breeding to processing guarantees the consistent supply of Australia’s finest Wagyu, all year round.

for those who know quality

Like its gemstone namesake, Black Opal Wagyu is the most sought after and desirable Wagyu on the Australian market.

Its rich, buttery flavour and melt in the mouth texture gives chefs a product that their clients will remember and seek out simply for the eating experience.

Each and every Black Opal product comes with guaranteed, verifiable provenance and we assure 100% quality satisfaction.

Black Opal Wagyu is one of Australia's finest Wagyu products, delivering consistently excellent texture and flavours every time.

the supreme taste of black opal

Tender, juicy and with a buttery flavour that lives long in the memory, Black Opal Wagyu sits at the very pinnacle of Australian commercial wagyu.

The experience of Black Opal is such that our clients work closely with us exclusively to ensure that it is only Black Opal that reaches their customers dining tables - a responsibility that we live and breathe, ensuring that each time a patron is served that they receive an unmatched wagyu experience.

for those that seek an experience

Of course, the very experience of eating Black Opal Wagyu is at the heart of what makes our product repeatedly sought after by all those who have tasted it.

The experience people associate with Black Opal all ties back to the heritage, consistency and quality that we maintain throughout the entire production process.

Like discovering nature’s most precious gem, discovering Black Opal is an experience that diners will never forget.

for chefs that demand the highest value

We work closely with our clients, maintaining complete transparency while providing elite level access to our Wagyu products.

We take ultimate responsibility for client satisfaction and the integrity of our product. It is this choice, value and access to Black Opal that enables our clients to remain competitive with their own offerings.

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