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Omino Wagyu. 400 Years of inspiration.

The origin of omino

Originating from the pristine and bountiful natural environment of Shiga Prefecture over hundreds of years the traditional taste of Omi Beef has been passed down the present time with direct linkage to the Wagyu breeds of today.

Enjoyed by the Samurai, Omi Beef has a history dating back 400 years. Even during the Edo Era (1603-1868), when the consumption of meat was forbidden, miso-marinated Omi beef was sold as the health curing agent Henpongan by the Hikone Domain, such is the quality and benefits of this special meat.

Omino Wagyu

Omi Beef represents the origins of Japans meat-eating culture, sourced from pristine environments, carefully cared for and raised on special diets to provide worlds most delicious beef – this is perfectly matching with Harmony's OMINO brand, sourced from pristine Tasmania, King Island and Victoria, raised their whole lives with the best care and highest quality feed to produce excellent Wagyu meat.

With a history and source aligned with the very origins of the Wagyu, Omi beef, it was only fitting that our brand name should be OMINO, a modern and Australian embodiment of Omi; - Omino, the most delicious flavour.

Omi Beef represents the origins of Japans meat-eating culture

AWard Winning Wagyu

Omino has won the following awards at the 2022 Wagyu Branded Beef Competition:

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