the harmony process

Harmony Fine Foods is a grower and supplier of high-quality Australian beef, supplying our customers and markets with a product that is perfected at every stage.

Animal Welfare

The welfare of our livestock is central to everything that we do.

Learn more about the rigorous processes that we follow every day to ensure that our animals enjoy the best care.

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Select cattle move on to our grain-fed program at our feedlots where they are fed through to specification prior to processing . All wagyu are fed a tailored ration for a minimum of 380 days.

Our team of specialists carefully manage and monitor feed for nutritional quality and consistency, and to ensure our livestock are performing to their genetic potential.

From our feedlots cattle are transported directly to local processing.


Livestock produced form our operations are moved in the safest, most efficient way that maintains the highest standards of animal welfare.

We only work with operators who have modern, purpose-built equipment and with people that know and understand how to handle livestock.

Harmony Fine Foods prides itself on relationships with service providers and contracts accredited to the highest standards of animal care and welfare.


The slaughter process takes our premium livestock and converts them into highest quality meat that our customers around the world enjoy.

Highly skilled professionals at our processor ensure that every part of the animal goes to a valuable end up, culminating in the delivery of chilled or frozen produced and pack specifically to the requirements of our customers.

Cold Chain

With all the investment made to this point in the supply chain, large-scale, modern and efficient cold chains are vital for the storage and movement of our beef to market.

Harmony Fine Foods utilises global providers with world-class services and facilities to deliver our beef products to our clients.

Retail & Food Service

You can find our premium beef products in a variety of specialty butchers and supermarkets or in restaurants around the globe.

The brands we produce and supply reflect the quality and heritage of our livestock, and the operational excellence undertaken to reach this point.

Giving clients and consumers the confidence that they are purchasing safe, healthy and tasty food produced from happy, healthy animals for their family and friends.


The ultimate test of quality is how great our beef tastes on a plate at home or in a restaurant.

It is this taste experience that we strive for and feedback from our customers is share right back to the people in our feeding systems to ensure that we maintain the quality and experience that they share.

Our Wagyu & beef brands

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